(A)dressing the City

New York/Paris

Fall 2012

Danielle Smoller, coodinator, Babak Bryan, Jane Kim, Thomas DeMonchaux + Eduardo Rega Calvo, critics, with Miles Fujiki, Laura Buck, Ray Wang, Owen Nichols + Tom Mckeogh

The New York/Paris program approached two cities as sites and strategies for studying architecture and urbanism. Each assignment was sourced from, and sited through, two simultaneous urban sites: an actual condition physically located New York, and a virtual condition conceptually located in Paris. In New York, the sequence of physical locations provided a source and site for each project loosely tracing a 100-year timeline of the history of the manufacture, design and commerce of clothing, from the late 19th Century to the present day: Orchard Street, Ladies Mile, Seventh Avenue/”Fashion District”, Bryant Park/former site for the tents of New York’s Fall Fashion Week.

One thematic focus was the idea of scale in architecture and urbanism: the absolute and relative dimensions and operations of these phenomena and of their components. Another thematic focus was the idea of staging a continual encounter between conditions and operations at the scale of the body (clothing), and conditions and operations at the scale of the city (New York and Paris), thereby surrounding, critiquing and creating work at the scale precisely in between these two: the alleged scale of architectural practice, the building.

Hsiang-Yi Ho A/B/C/D