Advanced Architectural Research 1, 2 + 3

Mabel O. Wilson, director, Ginger Nolan, instructor

Through their diverse research trajectories developed over the year, the AAR students staked out a particular territory within architecture—a site or urban condition, a pedagogical method in education or design method practice, a technological process, or a social, cultural, or political issue challenging the discipline. In the course of working with advisors, architects, and researchers, AAR students learned the history of their research topic within the field. As they deployed methods from architecture as well as from other disciplines, they tested their topic’s conceptual and material limits in order to create new knowledge and formulate a platform for public dissemination. One student researched the current status of advanced architectural studios in U.S. universities to ascertain whether a speculative practice in architectural pedagogy still exists. Another student developed a web-based archive that documents the typologies, history of urban development, and forms of interaction of the largest market in Addis Abba—the Mercato. Through a series of material experiments, one AAR student investigated the cultural value of deterioration in concrete in order to develop a non-accumulative, non-pejorative definition of decay. Another student researched how New York City’s evolving laws that regulate the housing of the homeless produced an architecture of the bare-minimum for the socio-spatially dispossessed.