Advanced Studio Johannesburg

Advanced Architecture Studio 6

Spring 2013

Hilary Sample, critic, with Jay Siebenmorgen

This semester students participated in an experimental research and design studio focused on the complex intersection between urban health and architecture in the settings of New York City, Soweto and Johannesburg, South Africa. Each of these cities has experienced modern and contemporary health crises that have shaped their urban development and social and political landscapes. Students researched typological and physiological forms within each of these cities, questioning how urban health both historically and through the contemporary shaped these cities. And similarly, how the form of the city shaped the health of its populations.This studio was as much a record of a search as it was a forum for creating design proposals. The themes of stress and wellness represented the content of the studio, with the aim of better understanding situations of stress and wellness in relation to design. The studio was structured through reading two scales; students focused on the urban context, infrastructures and building types in the first part of the term, and then on programmatic development in addition to environmental and material properties in designing a new health typology for the future.

Students traveled to Copenhagen and Johannesburg.

A symposium on Stress and Wellness was held at GSAPP on April 22, 2013

John Barrett A/B
Mia Zinni C/D/E