Architectural Design 2: Archive Fever

Barnard + Columbia Undergraduate Program

Spring 2013

Irina Verona, Yehre Suh + Kadambari Baxi, critics, with Pablo Costa, Ernesto Silva + Thomas Heltzel

It is undeniable that the public library model is changing. The increased digitization of many print collections; the explosion of online access to information; and the recent revolution in the publishing industry have meant deep structural changes in the library’s mission, contents and spaces. As the relations of users to information are being redrawn, the archive is in crisis. The archive expands to include digital data and media, but what and where should it be today? How do we reconcile the digital revolution with our desire to partake in the library as a physical site of culture? This studio drew on these recent developments and explored new intersections between the archive, public space and social interactions.

Alexander Porter A
Ava Amirahmadi B
Cassandra Nozil C
Christina Badal D
Laura Maranto, Murrill Oakes + Clio Maudlin E
Luis Pizano, Dare Brawley + Emily Cass F
Luis Pizano, Vanessa Nassimi + Alexander Porter G
Sarah Scott I
Shivana Harjani J/K