Architectural Design 3: Resources for an Urban World

Barnard + Columbia Undergraduate Program

Fall 2012

Karen Fairbanks, critic, with Pedro Rivera + Raul Correa-Smith (Studio-X Rio), Thomas Trebat (Columbia University Global Center, Rio de Janeiro), Marcelo López-Dinardi + Leticia Wouk Almino

In June 2012 Rio de Janeiro hosted the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. This conference, titled “The Future We Want,” addressed many issues including the increasing pressures on natural resources to support an increasingly urban world. This studio looked at questions such as what is the role of design in relationship to the use of limited resources for a progressively urban global population? And what are the relationships of local and global needs to local and global resources in different urban environments? Natural resources, those materials obtained from the environment that are utilized to meet the needs of human beings (or other living organisms), as well as human resources such as economic and cultural resources all contribute to the specificity of inhabitation in any one place. This upper level design studio included a research trip to Rio and was an opportunity to look at the role of architecture and design in a parallel global context. Students researched a resource important to Rio and its urbanization then designed a public place of action, education, provocation and engagement with contemporary issues around these resources.

Ava Amirahmadi A
Manuel Cordero, Zoe Namerow, Keenan Korth + Hannah Novack B/C/D/E
Group Photo in Rio F
Exhibition of Student Work in New York G