Architectural Drawing + Representation 1

Visual Studies

Fall 2012

Joshua Uhl + David Fano, instructors

Computing in architecture has changed methods of representation, retooled construction techniques and made communication of complex information instantaneous.  In this state of ubiquitous computing, the architect is asked to not only grasp these new technologies but to shape them into the built environment.  As the edge between the virtual and real become increasingly thin, the architect must not only be proficient in this interactivity, but tool it toward new ideas and potentials that are rife within this expanding territory.

Architectural Drawing and Representation investigates the concepts, techniques and working methods of computer aided “drawing” in architecture. Students will study the operative relationship between 2D and 3D data, exploring the reaches of their analytic and representational potential.

Ekkaphon Pukpaiboon A
Mimi Ho B
Mondrian Hsieh C
Lorenzo Villaggi D
Jordan Meerdink E
Myung Jae Lee F/G/H
Sareeta Patel I
Sissly Harrell J
Yongwon Kwon K