Architectural Photography 1 + 2

Visual Studies

Fall 2012 + Spring 2013

Erieta Attali, instructor, with Anastasia Tania

Architectural Photography is a tool for understanding the architects’ ideas and intentions. It can provide us with insights into the meaning of a building, a city, or a landscape. By contextualizing and framing the relationship between an architect and their works, students simultaneously unravel their design processes as they pursue personal areas of interest. Each class was an open critique tailored to students’ individual strengths and interests directed toward a portfolio of images, which forms a body of work that is an expression of their individual photographic vision as developed throughout the course.

Elizabeth Von Lehe A
Margarita Calero B
Ryan Jacobson C
Akash Solaraju D
Therese Diede E
Yang Yoonsun F