Architectural Representation: Abstraction

Barnard + Columbia Undergraduate Program

Fall 2012 + Spring 2013

Todd Rouhe, Diana Martinez + Irina Schneid, critics, with Marina Otero + Sherry Yang

This design studio course explored the conventions of architectural language in two and three dimensions. Orthographic projection types—plan, section, elevation and axonometric—were studied in hand-drawn and computer-assisted formats to analyze seen and implied spatial relations. Models are similarly analytic and exploratory. Different faculty offered their own introductory exercises stressing skills, concepts and self-critique but all sections included a project using an existing urban space as a site of inquiry. Students interpreted specific spaces, systems and surfaces of the city and formulated an invention-intervention based upon the generative possibilities of abstraction.

Benjamin Bromberg Gaber A/B
Pascale Dugue C/D
Sandra Bonito E/F/G/H
Ariel Wang Qi I
Mariana Hinojosa J
Lena Jorde K
Maya Halbert L
Najin Kim M
Rhea Schmid N