Architectural Representation: Perception

Barnard + Columbia Undergraduate Program

Fall 2012 + Spring 2013

Fred Tang, Madeline Schwartzman + Nicole Robertson, critics, with Diana Cristobal + Marcelo López-Dinardi

This design studio course introduced visual perception and media as catalysts for the production and critique of architecture. Emphasis was placed on understanding how space is perceived and how different media can be utilized to document and invent architectural space. Project issues included the representation and experience of a specific space, activities performed in place or over time and the performance of program. Source media included photographs, drawings, films, videos, models, games, texts as well as virtual and real spaces. Students used this media to develop analytical, critical and representational skills and as a generative design tool.

Anisa Juliana Pettersen A
Qi Wang B
Sandra Bonito C/D/E
Anna Hippee F
Anthony Langhorne G/H
Benjamin Bromberg Gaber I
Laura Fritsch J
Adele Druck K
Brooke Rahmanan L
Caroline Chen M
Elliot Kwon N
Luiza Furia O
Maya Halbert P