Architectural Technology 3

Building Science + Technology

Fall 2012

Will Laufs, instructor, with Joseph Brennan

Structural Design as an essential part of architectural design accentuates both necessity and understanding of force flow concepts within a structure as well as aesthetic structural opportunity to support the artistic overall design intent of an architectural process.

The course, Architectural Technology 3, covered an advanced-level study of structures and structural systems at a building scale to teach a sound structural understanding of systems and principles as supportive technical knowledge for architecture students early in the design process, all the while establishing more unusual, complex three-dimensional ways to form and support spaces.

After a brief review of more conventional structural systems, force-flow, boundary conditions, material stresses and deflections, the class focused on advanced structures that go beyond the use of two- dimensional elements, such as cable-stayed and suspension structures, tensegrity systems, syn-clastic pneumatic structures carried by air and anti-clastic tensile fabric membrane structures. The general concept of folded structures, transparent glazed envelopes and arches were presented as well as shell structures, domes and space frames.

Juan Pablo Azares + Ebberly Strathairn A
Laura Buck, Katie Okamoto, Ruth Wang + Margaux Young B
Lisbeth Mora, Leah Guszkowski, Sarah Habib + Hana Lee C
Natasha Amladi, Kevin Cervantes + James Stoddart D