Architectural Technology 4

Building Science + Technology

Fall 2012

Jay Hibbs + David Wallance, coordinators, Chris Andreacola, Robert Condon, Kevin Lichten, Anton Martinez + Sandra McKee, instructors

This semester was devoted to analyzing a prominent post World War 2 building. Using the building’s construction drawings as the primary source of information, the investigation focused on the interrelationship between the structural, mechanical and enclosure systems, construction methods and materials and the architectural form. The examination of the building systems was emphasized in the way in which each informs and impacts the others as well as their ultimate affect on the creation of the architecture.

Michael Schissel, Andrew Maier, Arkadiusz Piegdon + Zachary Maurer A/B
Miles Fujiki, Richard Duff, Katherine Zaeh + Jenny Lin C/D
Sarah Brauner, Leah Guszkowski, Joem Sanez + Hana Lee E
Tina Gao, Lisbeth Mora, Ricardo Vega + Anastasia Tania F