Architectural Technology 5

Building Science + Technology

Spring 2013

Jay Hibbs + David Wallance, coordinators, Pat Hopple, Anton Martinez, Elias Matar, John Pachuta, Leo Argiris, Seth Wolf, Kevin Lichten, Scott Hughes, Sandra McKee, Jason Stone, Robert Condon, Russ Davies, David Dubrow, Elias Dagher, Jeff Huang + Fiona Cousins, instructors

Architectural Technology 5 was a tech course in which a student’s design skills were an essential tool used to synthesize the various technical systems of a contemporary building type into a coherent expression of an architectural intention. In order to focus attention on the problem of expressing an architectural intention through the choice and development of building technology, the course was centered around a design problem in which many of the design issues students have been preoccupied with in studio work were eliminated. The industrial loft building program was selected with the aim of limiting interior spatial development to that which one achieves by the articulation of the building envelope and structural system and, to a lesser (but still important) extent, environmental systems.

Michael Schissel, Andrew Maier, Arkadiusz Piegdon + Zachary Maurer A/B/C
Ray Wang, Laura Buck, Katie Okamoto + James Stoddart D/E
Geoffrey Bell, Melodie Yashar, Davi Weber + Yasmina Khan F/G
Reece Tucker, Tianhui Shen, Madeeha Merchant + John Kim H/I