Architecture Online Lab

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Fall 2012 + Spring 2013

Troy Conrad Therrien + Leigha Dennis, directors

Which online tools and protocols will become constituent parts of architecture research, design and pedagogy? How can architects utilize digital tools to reinvent methods for representation and communication? What can architecture learn from non-traditional disciplinary collaborations? How can architecture offer offline solutions to an over-connected world? What does interactivity mean for the nature, use and translation of space?

The Architecture Online Lab is an experimental practice which aims to develop the inquiries, tools, protocols and frameworks of thought and action to be consumed, advanced and critiqued as we continue to question and define architecture online. Our approach is both discursive and practical, operating in and on new and traditional forms and media, and by creating our own through working prototypes.

The lab works outside of, in and on the school itself through teaching, driving independent and collaborative research projects, designing and curating installations, building open source tools and developing experimental infrastructure for all aspects of the school. Founded in the spring of 2013, the lab has already completed a number of such projects.

Web as Site, a course with students from across all of the departments of the school, used the web as a resource and canvas for public interactive projects that developed positions on resituating the Bowery as an urban innovation center in collaboration with the New Museum, including physical installations as part of the Ideas City festival. With the Columbia Extreme Cities Project, the lab developed an online extensible database and timeline display in concert with a physical installation at Studio-X NYC. For the annual End of Year Show, the lab also designed and developed a real time array of public video feeds to document the installation, opening and slow decay process.

In these and other forms, the lab will continue to identify, articulate and test the consequences and opportunities for architecture online simultaneously in discourse and practice.

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