Architecture Practice as Project 2


Spring 2013

Juan Herreros + Jose Aragüez, instructors, with Ernesto Silva

Most architecture offices resemble each other too much. They compete in the same field with the same instruments. We were interested in examining practices that link working methods and architectural strategies in non-standard ways. The creation of an office’s personality is a project in and of itself. It is not an isolated product created by staff members who are not designers. In order to be competitive, one has to go beyond the worn-out routines and implement a new spirit associated with deliberately singular working methods.

The importance of design protocols and their application throughout architectural processes—including getting commissions, developing projects and building them and communicating the work to public audiences—has become a big topic, both in pedagogical and professional conversations. Our goal was to explore methods that change design protocols into open strategies, at once codified, visible and transmissible to others, involving the whole creative process, from searching for work to conveying results and understanding the relation between architectural production and methods of work and organization. We sought to break the limits between “design tasks” and “service tasks.” If creativity is the cornerstone of competitiveness, then all levels must be implicated in it.