Art + Power + Space

Advanced Architecture Studio 5

Fall 2012

Mario Gooden, critic, with Carson Smuts

If Architecture is a form of knowledge and the materialization of concept, then how does architecture materialize in an emergent “space of flows” simultaneously defined by paradox, conflict, crisis, settlement, abandonment and temporality? How can architecture translate the complexities, radical transformations, new types of exchanges and forms of resistance being produced in the Middle Eastern city as architecture and urbanism are redefined in terms of function, process and value? What is the conceptual ground for architecture where identity and image seek to be subverted by Arab artists creating new spaces for interpretation and engagement? Contrary to the common belief, what is new in Arab contemporary art is not just the mediums being employed but rather it is the image in all its forms that Arab artist have subverted while creating spaces for interpretation and engagement with the art. How can architecture aid in this call?

The studio research and design project was a new space for art and discourse in Amman, Jordan–Darat Kunstahalle. The 5,300 SM (58,000 SF) program included exhibition spaces, an education center, a multipurpose space and administrative areas.

Courtney Hunt A/B
Mia Zinni C/D/E/F/G