Breaking Into + Out From — the Bank

Core Architecture Studio 2

Spring 2013

Mark Rakatansky, critic

Part of the movie thrill or humor of bank-heist thrillers and comedies is the break-in, breaking past the public lobby into the inside of the institution; and then the breaking back out.

It’s time for architecture to both break into and out from this limitation of only being able to provide the outsiders with one public presence of the lobby, by breaking into and out from insider zones of the bank. The general title for this year’s Core 2 studios is The Social Network Bank, but indeed all architecture, by definition, is the spatialization of social networks. Which are always in some sense virtual and imminent until architecture and design makes them manifest in space and time, whether at the scale of the screen or the scale of the city. Networks are conduits of exchanges, and exchanges are always between certain insides and outsides. Indeed it is only through exchange, direct or indirect, that networks become manifest.

By bringing forms of outside networks of communities and publics, both from down the block and around the world, into and through and back out of the inner and outer envelopes of the bank, new forms of urban and architectural exchange can be enacted.

Casey McLaughlin A/B
Sukwon Lee C/D/E/F/G