Building New York

New York/Paris

Fall 2012

Andrew Dolkart, instructor

This course was designed to familiarize students with the history of the major building types that comprise the physical fabric of New York City. We used the development of building types as a basis for looking at various New York neighborhoods and the ways in which they have developed and changed.

We discussed the physical and stylistic evolution of these building types and, through walking tours in various New York neighborhoods, we examined how these buildings work within the evolving form of the city and its neighborhoods. Among other types of buildings, we study the development of residential architecture, particularly row houses, townhouses and multiple dwellings; the changing nature of commercial architecture from modest low rise structures to great skyscrapers; and the evolution of public and institutional architecture from the small buildings of the early city to some of the great architectural complexes of America. We also discussed issues of design, planning and preservation in the neighborhoods that we visited.