CBIP 2: New Frontiers, Artificial Intelligence, Collaborative Intelligence + Building Intelligence

Advanced Architecture Studio 5

Fall 2012

David Benjamin, critic

In recent years, algorithms have assumed command of most aspects of our lives. Algorithms now control finance, public infrastructure, espionage and movie scripts. Algorithms have migrated from the domain of data to the domain of culture. Algorithms have even burrowed their way into the age-old categorization of narrative conflicts: man-against-nature has become man-against-nature-against-algorithms.

Our latest generation of architects and engineers is hardly surprised. Every day these designers spend time harnessing—and combatting—algorithms in the form of scripts for generating geometry, applications for simulating performance, frameworks for building information modeling (BIM) and an unprecedented deluge of data.

This was the territory of CBIP 2, a new experimental design studio at the intersection of computation, collaboration, culture and construction.

As a new chapter in the Columbia Building Intelligence Project (CBIP), this advanced studio built off of modules of building intelligence from previous CBIP studios, and in turn, developed new modules of building intelligence for future CBIP studios. We applied computation to enhance creativity, and not merely to achieve cold-blooded efficiency. And over the course of the semester, we contributed to an open-ended and critical discussion of artificial intelligence, collaborative intelligence and building intelligence.

Christos Constantinou, Ryan Zhang, Fanyu Lin, Yu-Han Lee, Faezeh Arefnazari + Rustem Baishev A/B/C
Karl Bengzon, Damon Lau, Dan Taeyoung Lee, Alexander Malagelada + Fereshteh Tabe D/E