Colloquium 1: Operating Platforms: Publication, Exhibition, Research

Critical, Curatorial + Conceptual Practices in Architecture

Fall 2012

Felicity D. Scott, instructor

This seminar served as the inaugural colloquium for the Critical, Curatorial and Conceptual Practices in Architecture program (CCCP) and focused on three interrelated “operating” platforms: publications including magazines, reports, newspapers and books and the architects, critics, writers and publishers associated with them; exhibitions in galleries, museums, worlds fairs, expos, biennales and triennales and the architects, curators and institutions involved; experimental formats of research and the collaborative arrangements and institutions through which they function. Recognizing that the domain of architectural work is multi-faceted—as are the multiple forms of practice and knowledge that reflect back upon it—the course investigated what role these platforms have played in the conceptualization and transformation of architecture over the past century, identifying their contribution to seminal debates, to transformations in architecture’s technical and aesthetic characteristics, to the sponsoring of critical experimentation, as well as to the careers of many architects.