City in Between: Reimagining East Aalborg, Denmark

Advanced Architecture Studio 5

Fall 2012

Richard Plunz + Patricia Culligan, critics, with Guneet Anand, Julie Marin + Brett Benowitz

The 2012 Urban Ecology studio was a collaboration between GSAPP, Aalborg University, the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Municipality of Aalborg in Denmark. The challenge of this studio was to work between the limits of the disciplines of architecture, urban planning and urban engineering, through exploring a new field in which to create urban situations in space and time. The studio emphasized collaborative multi-disciplinary thinking about the future of urban environments.

This year’s studio explored the intersections between urban built and natural environments and social capital in East Aalborg, a peri-urban area to the East of the city center of Aalborg. The studio encouraged a critical investigation and re-interpretation of suburban lifestyles in midsize cities; and of the increasing roles of mobility and access as facilitators of sustainable urban form and lifestyle. It offered flexibility in the various lenses through which participants could examine the challenges of sustainable urbanization. The specificities of the studio site were used as a foundation for developing design proposals that can address sustainability challenges faced world-over in post-war peri-urban typologies.

Akash Solaraju + David Farnham A
Caroline Lebar + Amanda Bradshaw B
Lanxis Sun + Irene Pavlakis C
Ruomei Zhang + Justin Elszasz D