Climatic Design + Conceptualization

Visual Studies

Fall 2012

John Lee + Shrikar Bhave, instructors

What is the role of climate in the built environment? How can technology take part in the effort to negotiate the sophisticated relationship between climatic forces and architectural response? The contemporary architectural design process has evolved and adapted well in its response to social, economic, cultural and aesthetic context but has increasingly become indifferent towards local climate. The approach towards performative building design requires a rigorous quantitative understanding of environmental and physical context. In this workshop students and faculty collectively sought to explore and rediscover the potential of climate responsive design as an integral part of the architectural design process. This interactive workshop focused on developing a critical approach by learning climatic design principles through the reverse synthesis of built examples. Students learned techniques to integrate simulation methods with building information modeling.

Kin Chuen Chan, Yan Zhang + Christopher Velasco A/B/C/D