Collecting Architecture Territories (2)

Advanced Architecture Studio 6

Spring 2013

Mark Wasiuta + Craig Buckley, critics, with Jordan Carver

In the second iteration of the ongoing research project, Collecting Architecture Territories, the studio probed the dual senses implied by the term “collecting architecture,” considering architecture both as an object of contemporary collecting practices and as a device that organizes, supports and informs various forms of collection. In parallel with a twin seminar, the studio traced and analyzed the contemporary global proliferation of private museums. The emphasis on territories in both courses recognizes that these museums embody new patterns of distribution, occupying diverse cities and a range of “non-sites” remote from traditional cultural capitals.

Traveling to Rio de Janeiro and the Inhotim Center of Contemporary Art in Brazil, the studio postulated that the emergence of new museums, institutional forms and their collecting practices may be read as a symptom of a broader cultural, extra–museological shift in the value, practices and sites of collection. Design projects were positioned in relation to the multiple contexts and territories of collection within contemporary Brazil, and in proximity to Brazil’s global economies, and the formation of its cultural assets, both state and private. The studio considered problems of object diasporas, the collecting of architecture through corporate accumulation and real estate investment as well as collecting trends glimpsed through removal, theft and the legally ambiguous circulation of goods, artifacts and bodies.

Collin Anderson A/B
Eirini Anthouli + Luis Felipe Paris C/D
Pablo Costa Fraiz E/F