Columbia Building Intelligence Project (CBIP)

Advanced Architecture Studio 4

Spring 2013

Scott Marble, director, Laura Kurgan, Janette Kim + Scott Marble, critics, with Adam Modesitt (Software Consultant), Emilie Hagan (Environmental Consultant), Karl Bengzon, Joseph Brennan, Christine Nasir + Mia Zinni, Student Software Assistants

The practice of architecture has always been about managing information. Architects produce drawings that coordinate the efforts of multiple constituents with the goal of producing buildings. With the availability of ubiquitous digital communication technologies, the rapid transformation of the design and building industry through these technologies, and a new entrepreneurial spirit among a younger generation, architects are now able to leverage their position so that they have the potential to design the organization of a project—to creatively and strategically assemble new alliances and relationships among owners, clients, builders, fabricators, consultants, etc. that lay the groundwork for innovative architecture. The Columbia Building Intelligence Project (CBIP) addresses this new working environment to prepare the next generation of architects to lead in the development of new modes of design and practice. This studio explored new forms of interdisciplinary and collective workflow through the most advanced design and communication software in use today. In addition, the work focused on the themes of energy and adaptation in the context of existing urban structures and the urgent need of cities to change in response to what is increasingly acknowledged as a global climate crisis.

Andrew Maier A/B
Eileen Chen, Anastasia Tania, Katharine Okamoto + Katie Zaeh C/D/E/G
Heeyun Kim, Marc Mascarello, Margaux Young + Rong Zhao F
James Stoddart H
Katherine Zaeh I
Margaux Young J
Mark Pothier, Andrew Maier, Dan Luo + Vahe Markosian L/M
Zach Maurer, Zack Eldeson + Madeeha Merchant N