Concrete, Cast Stone + Mortar

Historic Preservation

Fall 2012

Joan Berkowitz + Norman Weiss, instructors

The course was primarily lecture based but throughout the semester the class traveled throughout New York to explore the city through scheduled field trips. Concepts covered included: Lime/cement; Aggregates and Admixtures: Concrete History; Concrete Construction 101; Concrete Deterioration; Corrosion and Corrosion Protection: Mechanisms of corrosion of reinforcing steel; sacrificial anodes; impressed current cathodic protection; corrosion inhibitors and primers as well as several other topics that helped to instill a greater understanding of working with concrete, cast stone and mortar. Field trips included visits to the International Masonry Institute where students learned to cut out joints and mix mortar. The class also visited Petrography where they received an introduction to polarized light while using microscopes to examine pastes and aggregates in thin section.