Corporate Real Estate

Real Estate Development

Spring 2013

Darin Vest, instructor

This course was an in-depth introduction to the use of real estate by global corporate business, and to the field of professionals who manage real estate for the business world. Corporate Real Estate (CRE) involves the management of real estate occupied by businesses, whose primary focus is generally not real estate. Companies like Coca-Cola, Google, Goldman Sachs and Nike, for example, own and lease millions of square feet of real estate around the globe. Furthermore, these corporations have sophisticated real estate professionals, both in-house and outside real estate service companies, working for them to manage these real estate portfolios with the goal of maximizing the benefit and reducing the cost of real estate for the company. Over the next three to five years, corporations will be among the leaders in real estate management and development activity, driven by their continuing business needs rather than real estate focused investment goals. This course explored the real estate structure of global business, the types of real estate services provided to corporate business, the types of real estate service providers, the various roles for real estate professionals within CRE, and career opportunities within the CRE industry and how to access them.