Craft in the Digital Age

Visual Studies

Fall 2012 + Spring 2013

Nathan Carter, instructor

Craft in the Digital Age explored the tools and techniques of making, traditional and contemporary joinery, and wood as a dynamic material. Weekly, hands-on projects expanded students’ proficiencies with tools and processes and encouraged the development of a design methodology influenced by making, testing and process considerations.

Students designed and fabricated a series of seating units made of wood and capable of supporting one person sitting. As the class progressed, additional considerations were added: How do the units stack, nest, collapse, transform or aggregate? How do the materials, tools and methods of making inform the design process?

The final project was the design and fabrication of a multi-person seating unit, either one unit that accommodates multiple people or an aggregation system of multiple units. Integral to the design was an understanding of tools, tolerances, material property constraints and work flow logic.

Alfonso Simelio A/B
Rustem Baishev C
Evan Remington D/E
Mark Pothier F/G
Micah Stroup H