Creative Village Studio

Urban Planning Studio

Spring 2013

Roberta A. Fennessy, critic, with Isabelle Hazlewood

The Creative Village Studio studied one of the largest downtown redevelopment master plans in the southeast, known as Creative Village – a redevelopment project led by the City of Orlando, FL in a public-private partnership with Creative Village LLC (CVD) to redevelop 68 acres of underutilized land in the downtown Orlando core.

The Studio, working with the CVD-City of Orlando Client Team, took a comprehensive and critical look at the approved master plan for the Creative Village site and its efforts to integrate transit, education, and digital media industries in downtown Orlando. More importantly, students addressed the master plan’s ambitions to create new jobs and education opportunities for the neighboring low-income community of Parramore.

A week-long site visit consisted of conversations with both the private and public sector forces driving this project. In addition, students met with project stakeholders, community members and the site’s “target users” including digital media industries and institutional partners such as the University of Central Florida (UCF). At the end of the semester students presented recommendations to the client team consisting of urban design, transit and open space interventions aimed at improving the site’s physical and social connections with neighboring communities.

Peiqin Gu, Hui Jiang, Wenting Pang, Justine Shapiro-Kline, Julie Sophonpanich, Max Yeston + Xiaowan Zhang A/B/C/D