Delaminating Possibilities / Innovative Use of Ceramics in Architecture

New York/Paris

Spring 2013

Patrick O’Connor, critic, with Rowan Moore, Jesus Olivares + Miguel Rodenas

The workshop attempted to crystallize the year-long architectural design provocation that began in the architecture studios in the fall in New York and extended through the spring in design studios in Paris. In studio, student investigations were executed through drawings, models and diagrams. This workshop offered the ability for student work to become ‘real’ through the translation of concepts, theories and ideas into a physical 1:1 scale constructed intervention. The duration intensified the investigation into a pressure filled, hard-working, highly committed ambience in which students designed, test and built projects within one week. Students worked in teams and were advised by guest professors, critics and contributors, adding new points of view and unveiling new directions and solutions to complement the student investigations. The objective was to share knowledge, challenge assumptions and bring together new design approaches to be materialized in real-size installations.

Thanks to the contribution of ASCER / Tile of Spain, this year, students worked with ceramics manufactured of the highest quality and donated by different Spanish Tile companies.

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