Developing a High-Performance Building

Real Estate Development

Fall 2012

Steven Baumgartner + Charlotte Matthews, instructors

This course acted as primer for how buildings work and fundamentals of healthy, high performance building. Like an anatomy class for buildings, students learned how the envelope and building systems work together to heat, cool, light and ventilate usable space and the best methods for optimizing that interaction to maximize occupant comfort and minimize resource waste and pollution. The class also applied the technical know-how of high performance building to the real world scenario of a building project. Students, organized into development teams, innovated and promoted green design, construction and operation strategies within the constraints of a fixed budget, competing developer and investor priorities, policy drivers and inhabitants and contrasting views of market demand. Students developed pay-back scenarios, explored financing strategies, undertook informal market analysis and learned to seek out and apply precedents and lessons learned from other green building projects.