Digital Modeling for Urban Design

Architecture + Urban Design

Summer 2012

Phu Duong + Christopher Kroner, instructors, with Brandt Graves

This course served as an introduction to fundamental techniques for urban design representation. The primary objective was to provide an entry point into current software applications that enable contemporary urban design practices. Digital Modeling for Urban Design supports the content and theoretical material framed by the Reading New York Urbanism seminar. Students learned to visualize their ideas about various urban conditions through three dimensional digital modeling and animation completed in Maya. In order to work through three dimensional modeling skills students were asked to design public spaces for the city. Surface tectonics manifested the flows, forces and pressures found and analyzed in New York City. These models were envisioned as a collection of prototype paths, pavilions and gardens.

Devanshi Purohit A
Yuan Ma B
Andrew Leung C
Ruixue Jia D