Draw 1: Observed Construction

New York/Paris

Spring 2013

Peter O’Brien, instructor

The long tradition of transcribing with fidelity what the eye sees onto paper provided the background for this practical course. This transcription onto the two dimensional surface engaged processes which were both mental and physical. This visual training anchored in objectivity called upon creativity in the realization of the transformation into visual language. A focus on perspective construction, especially as integrated into drawings made from observation, was proposed in this class. Basic principles of perspective helped us consider our relation to the spaces and forms we drew and better integrate increasingly complex subjects. This served as a tool to be included amongst our free hand drawing skills. This class approached drawing as an observation of relations. Various exercises helped students “see” these relations by proposing techniques of observing and methods of progression in the physical process of drawing. Methods of construction and composition were proposed for drawings realized essentially with line work.

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