Draw 2: Constructed Observation + Light Effects

New York/Paris

Spring 2013

Peter O’Brien, instructor

We simultaneously make many choices when drawing in regard to composition framing and placement. The demands we make on our own formal drawing choices take on equal importance to the imperatives of the ‘real’ observed subject. Draw II focused on expanding these choices while maintaining a connection with the observed world by addressing light and shade. A variety of materials were explored. In addition to the basic materials used in the Draw I course, ink, ink wash and collage provided new means to address this aspect of drawing. Consistent with the first session, we approached light and shade as observation of relations. Studio sessions indoors at Reid Hall focused on analysis of light effects through collage techniques. As the weather became nicer during the second part of the semester, outdoor sketching was favored. Liquid mediums, and mixed media were used. A final day-long trip to the forest of Fontainebleau culminated the semester’s work.