Drawing / Volume

New York/Paris

Spring 2013

Claude Bouchard, instructor

The purpose of this course was to help students begin to develop an individual formal vocabulary of their own. The course emphasized methods of communicating creativity through developing a distinctive vocabulary to represent ideas and illustrate projects. This method became the foundation and tool used by the students to communicate their ideas. The methodology employed in this course was designed to force students to abandon their naturally rational and logical approach and to embark on an intuitive process of discovery, to work with their intuition and emotions in order to access their imagination directly and without the censorship of reason.

The course was divided into four stages. Each step with its hidden purpose was essential to the next. We worked with photos, three-dimensional models and drawings. We constantly moved between the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional world as well as the two-dimensional representation of the three-dimensional world. Students were encouraged to modify and free-up their perspective, to develop a new way of looking at the world around them, one in which their imagination guided their hand and transformed their vision.