Encoded Matter: Workshop in Computational Craft

Visual Studies

Fall 2012 + Spring 2013

Ezio Blasetti, instructor, with Luis Felipe Paris

This workshop investigated non-linear systems and self-organization in the design and prototyping of architectural immersive environments via computational generative methods. At present, computational techniques are predominantly employed in the optimization, rationalization or surface decoration of more traditionally created forms and spaces. This research instead focused on the inherent potential of computation to generate space and of algorithmic procedures to engage self-organization in the design process. Encoded matter operated as an open source design laboratory, investigating these areas at the scale of a temporary spatial construct: a pavilion. Participants engaged closely with computational processes in order to develop an aesthetic and intuition of complexity that resides in a balance between design intent and emergent character.

Encoded matter proposed a parallel study between material behavior and computational systems. The participants were encouraged to conduct and document a series of material ‘experiments’ in dialogue with their computational research. A critical parameter in this workshop was to develop the potential beyond finite forms of explicit and parametric modeling towards more non-linear algorithmic processes. The goal was the development of an exquisite and novel architectural language that is inextricably tied to the process of its own production.

Alfonso Simelio, Alex Malagelada, Yamini Kumar + Christos Constantinou A
Andriana Maria Koutalianou + Luis Felipe Paris B
Carson Russell, Mengna Miao + Yu Zheng C/D
Iris Wang + Shu Fa Pai E