Envisioning Studio

Real Estate Development

Summer 2012

Douglas Gauthier + Abby Hamlin, coordinator, Jared Della Valle, AJ Pires, Sunil Bald, Chris Cooper, Michael Kirchmann, Roy Kim, Jesse Keenan, Jennifer Wei Leung, Eric Liftin, Brian Loughlin, Frank Lupo, Roberto Garneau, critics, with Nicole Allen, Margaux Young, Gustavo Bonet, John Barrett, Anna Vander Zwaag, Jaclyn Jung, , Allison Schwarz, Yvonne Demitra Konstantinidis + Matt Charney, teaching assistants

The MsRED studio is a unique intellectual process of design thinking and value definition as applied to a comprehensive definition of real estate in which architecture necessarily plays a vital role. Verbal and graphic skills are stressed as necessary counterparts to financial proficiency. Each student proposes a development plan derived from the specific programmatic, formal, environmental, community, and financial decisions explored during the course of the studio. The studio design project takes into consideration site strategies, programmatic narratives, spatial and regulatory massing, floor planning, egress and circulation, all while considering the overall communicability of the project. Through a series of workshops, information is presented to familiarize the student with the concepts of design at the scales of urban, landscape and architectural design. The ability to interpret, manage and orient these overlapping sources of information not only provides common ground for defining value between design, construction and finance, but also parallels the professional process as it tracks multiple and overlapping information and priorities.

Abdul Kader Kabbani A/B
Tom Sperber C/D/E/F
Chang Fong Zhang G/H
Jeffrey Kenji Deutchman I
Laura Amaiei J/M
Sontipat Bhatarakamol K/L
Brian Darling N
Reece Satava O/P/Q