ESTUARIUM / The Hudson River Studio

AAD Studio

Summer 2012

Kate Orff + Gena Wirth, with Dolores O’Connor

This design studio looked at the latent urban and ecological potential of the post post-industrial New York harbor with a focus on reimagining the Hudson River’s edge as a place of interaction, learning, economic generation and ecological exchange. NYC’s waterfront has taken multiple forms throughout history. Our goal was to transform the conceptions of urban waterfront to include an emphasis on soft infrastructure, robust marine habitat and new forms of programming and energy generation relative to twenty-first century Manhattan urbanism. We asked, how can a new set of design practices, grounded in inherently changing river flows and processes, emerge? Project strategies incorporated risk and changed and forged new ecologies and community structures. Students developed a science-driven design methodology that spanned many scales, from macro-level hydrological studies at the scale of western Manhattan to small material prototypes of casting pH marine concrete. We benefitted from collaborations with Hudson River Park, Phil Orton, hydrologist with Stevens Institute, SeaArc marine Consulting as well as several others.

Yeh Sen Su A/B
Diana Cristobal C/D
Margarita Calero E/F