Fall 2012 + Spring 2013

Mark Wasiuta, director, with Adam M. Bandler, coordinator

The exhibition program at GSAPP conceives, curates and designs several exhibitions each year. GSAPP exhibitions provide a platform for developing original research projects and for experiments with the spatial distribution and visual organization of research material. The program follows several distinct series. Exhibitions within “The Living Archive” interrogate and expose important and under-examined architectural archives, while other exhibitions resulting from collaboration with contemporary artists and architects aim to provide models for new forms of architectural speculation and spatial practice

After a total renovation, The Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery reopened in Fall 2012 with No Longer Art: Salvage Art Institute. The exhibition was a culmination of a three-year research project at GSAPP. With artist Elka Krajewska’s proposal for the Salvage Art Institute as provocation, advanced design studios were taught at GSAPP on issues of art damage, insurance, value and architecture’s mediating role within this context. The exhibition continued to examine these topics through related conversations with artists, conservators, legal experts, architectural historians, anthropologists, writers and representatives from AXA Art Insurance Corporation.

In Spring 2013 the gallery presented Tony Ourlser, UFOs and Effigies, an exhibition drawn from artist Oursler’s personal photography collection. The exhibition opening was marked by a conversation with Oursler, artist John Miller and the curators Branden W. Joseph and Mark Wasiuta.

Tony Oursler UFOs + Effigies A/B/C/D
No Longer Art: Salvage Art Institute E/F