Expanding the Private + the Public

AAD Studio

Summer 2012

Johanna Meyer-Grohbrugge + Sam Chermayeff, critics

Our studio proposed a flexible architecture and flexible comfort zone. We though about the ways in which we can vary the controllability of architecture. The line between, ours, yours and theirs can move, blur or go away entirely. In so doing we can expand spaces and begin to consider our actual needs, which more often than not concern the people around us. With the creation of an architectural language that opens up to an outside we can also rethink our relation to the elements, which, like people, need to be mitigated but not pushed away entirely. We must enjoy the friction between us.

Our studio attempted to take on such a project in New York. The means to that objective included, but was not limited to, the understanding and documentation of previous forms of shared building. Our final site was 1355 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn. The program was primary living. We suggested a diversity of unit types and potential tenants, one of which needed to be the architect his or herself. The success of the studio was based on the innovative mediation between public and private, inside and outside and the task was to find new and intelligent ways of blurring the boundaries between people.

Jayeon Kim A/B
Rebecca Levy C/D/E