Fast Pace // Slow Space

Building Science + Technology

Spring 2013

Mark Bearak + Brigette Borders, instructors

Parametric and computational software offer designers a high degree of specificity which can be used to create complex forms, intricate details and material efficiency, yet high-level results become insignificant if construction methods are too complicated to be timely. Fast Pace // Slow Space focused on the marriage of complex form and logical assembly, with detailing, hardware and construction methods informing design decisions from the onset. Students in groups of ten designed an installation or environment with slow pace sensibilities, while utilizing details that allowed for high-speed assembly and disassembly. The class explored the nature of the digital process, material techniques and fabrication process in the human environment; students generated unique solutions that satisfied architectural requirements, building standards, cost ceilings and aesthetic aspirations and efficiency of time.

Laura Buck, Hank Byron, Luis Felipe Paris, Dan Taeyoung Lee, Hajeong Lim, Maya Porath, Akash Raju, Alejandro Stein, Micah Stroup + Ray Wang A/B