Field of Play: Agency in Mapping Site

Visual Studies

Fall 2012

Brian Brush + Carson Smuts, instructors

Mapping is a key component to site investigation. Architects, Urban Designers and Urban Planners have long used maps to understand complex contextual relationships on-site, using these maps for design development as well as policy making.

While Google changed the way people interact with maps and made spatial information more widely available, traditional mapping programs such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provided complex contextual information that cannot be obtained through online mapping systems. Advancements in sensor technologies have also made it easier for designers to develop their own spatially referenced data.

This class explored the agency of mapping in design. Students learned how to navigate the complex repositories of spatially orientated data available online to create maps that support their design ideas. Students were given the opportunity to create their own data sets using GPS and sensors. Students created an argument through their maps and used GIS to translate the spatially referenced data into visual representations. The final project culminated in a mapping composition created from data explorations developed throughout the semester.

Kevin Le A
Kyung Sun Park B
Shiyao Yu C