Forming Alliances + Dismantling Oppositions


Spring 2013

Alberto Foyo, instructor

The course focused on re-visiting and re-formulating primordial architectural concepts. Using a comparative approach we explored primordial binary relations that affect our critical stand in the field of architecture. Genetic-cultural, natural-manmade, archaic-sophisticated, rural-urban, tradition-modernity, technique-technology, are but a few symbiotic dichotomies that in our epoch have all too often become antagonistic concepts played against each other in pathological opposition. A concerted effort was placed on understanding these dichotomies as complementary and not as oppositional as a way to increase the ‘critical density’ of our design processes. Conversely the course aimed at finding antidotes to arbitrary design decision making. The pedagogical intent was to foster the critical use of language as a generative tool that can inspire more holistic and meaningful design decision-making and consequently stimulate students’ freethinking; that is to let go of the use of language as a codified sound bite; a sound bite that increasingly fosters stereo typified thinking.