Fun Palace 2

AAD Studio

Summer 2012

Thomas Leeser, critic, with Mathew Celmer

Cedric Price spent most of his career designing, promoting and building his most famous work known as The Fun Palace. Even though the project was never quite realized as he imagined, it significantly influenced the field unlike any other single project in the recent history of architecture. Ironically, for most of his contemporary colleagues, it wasn’t architecture at all. Fun Palace was possibly the first interactive, habitant responsive, cybernetic structure leaving a lasting influence on various architects, from Archigram, Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers to Rem Koolhaas and Bernard Tschumi.

Students investigated the concept of fun and leisure in contemporary society and developed a “Fun Theory,” as a basis for the design of their own “Fun Palace 2”. Students developed design strategies and goals based on their Fun Theory, and chose a program as a group or individually. Projects were located in Abu Dhabi, Bangkok and Moscow.

The educational goal was based on the understanding that advanced students should be exposed to take responsibility for the complex task of the decision making processes in the development of architectural design. The re-examining and questioning of the status quo of all those decisions and their “conventional” applications was a fundamental principal of this studio.

Alberto Manrique A/B/C
Sarah Lyons D/E