Fundamentals of Digital Design

Visual Studies

Fall 2012

David Fano + Joshua Uhl, instructors

Fundamentals of Digital Design investigated the concepts, techniques, and working methods of computer aided ‘drawing’ in architecture. Students studied the operative relationship between 2D and 3D data, exploring their analytic and representational potential. While the class was a foundational course in architectural computing, it built on the student’s advanced ability to question, shape, and interrogate space and time.

The full-semester course focused on a project that was generated primarily with the use of Rhinoceros and 3dsMax.  After the initial development of a virtual model, students investigated tools to further the analytic and representational capacity of the data within their model.  Studies were in the form of drawings, physical models, images, and animations. There was one assignment with three milestones.  Each of these milestones was posted on the class web page for grading.

As a companion to the course lectures, weekly tutorial sessions were held to more thoroughly cover the concepts and techniques from the lectures.

Elahe Kerachian A/B/C
Yuan Ma D/E