Fundamentals of Urban Digital Design

Urban Planning

Spring 2013

Alejandro de Castro Mazarro, instructor, with Serena Li

The Fundamentals of Urban Digital Design (FuDD) course provided conceptual and practical tools to enhance the visual literacy of urban planners. Departing from the premise that images are act as a language, students developed a visual tale describing life in cities. The course particularly explored how to provide efficient visual evidence that supports students’ own narration, and how to use rhetorical strategies that emphasize aspects of their tale. During FuDD’s course, students chose an urban area and composed a tale describing the physical and social context where a family lives, the activities that their members perform during a regular week, and the expectations that they have for their future at this area. From a technical point of view, FuDD’s seminar taught students how to produce digital presentations, books and exhibitions. Students learned to edit photographs, figures, maps, diagrams, and renderings, with software such as Autocad, Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator and Microsoft Excel.

Clara Chung A
Jimmy Lu B