Core Architecture Studio 3

Fall 2012

Douglas Gauthier, critic

Architecture is scheduled and structured, liquid and performative; it is choreographed and stochastic. It shares with network culture the street’s resistance and the complex system of connections, pathways, nodes and intersections. Ultimately, we will occupy cities by the minute creating a temporal values system of data space. The mechanized, built, stable objects of a city in a networked culture simultaneously retain their architectural and spatial value but that value is now part of the market of time, location, availability and desire. While this may seem theoretically within grasp, the question remains: what is the domestic space of a scheduled minute by minute city?

As we analyze the city as a radical phenomenon, is there a project of providing meaning via the aggregate phenomena proposed by the housing (units, circulation, program, subsidies, material, construction methods and zoning questions) project? The organization of fragments, both present and proposed, are familiar phenomena in studio, where projects, precedent studies, programs or materials take on meaning made present by the relative structural relationships between the objects of the city. Our studio is an a-conceptual project; one that asks for the intuitive, responsive and observed to be a design operation.

Andrew Maier III + Michael Edward Schissel A/B/C/D
Melodie Yashar + Della Elizabeth Krantz E