Hudson River Park

Urban Planning Studio

Spring 2013

Gary Roth, critic, with May Yu

Working for the client Hudson River Park Trust, this studio focused on improving visitor experience at Piers 76-84, as well as the uplands located between the Hudson River and NYS Route 9A. A secondary goal was to generate revenue to support operations of the Hudson River Park. The studio focused on Piers 76 (currently home to the NYPD Tow Pound and NYPD Mounted Unit), Pier 81 (World Yacht Dinner Cruises and two levels of parking) and Pier 83 (Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises and two levels of parking). Through site visits, transportation and site analyses, interviews and researching case studies, the Hudson River Park studio proposed to initiate change in three ways: recapturing the space, design and promotion, and financing strategies.

Pier 76 is targeted to local residents and re-programmed with a two story multi-use facility and dedicated open space parkland. The bottom floor will remain open for temporary uses, which can be relocated in case of flooding. The second level is designed as a restaurant and conference space called the Manhattan Kitchenette. The roof will house a small theatre and a green roof. Piers 81 and 83 are targeted for tourists and visitors. Parking is replaced on the upper floors with recreation, but is retained on the ground level. A restaurant/bar as well as a small amusement park are envisioned.

Emily Gordon, Taylor Miller, Yifu Sun, Chu Yan, Amy Yang, Chi Zhang + Linghong Zou