Core Architecture Studio 1

Fall 2012

Galia Solomonoff, coordinator, Christina Goberna, Janette Kim, Christoph A. Kumpusch, Phil Parker, Mark Rakatansky, Michael Morris + Paula Tomisaki, critics, with Nicole Allen

Core 1 consisted of three interrelated briefs. Each brief asked for, action, control, measurement and representation while challenging relationships between objects, bodies, space and atmosphere.

In 2012, Core 1 focused on water, emphasizing water as a visible and crucial part of architecture—as it is in nature—and as an essential requirement for buildings.

1 – Sunflower: The brief asked students to observe, scan, draw and measure the relationships between geometric organization and performance in a sunflower. Color, shape and geometry were seen as resultants of efficient processes rather than random forms. (1 week)

2 – Public Bathroom: The brief called for the design a bathroom in a public park and considered how it works and signals use to the public through form. The interdependence of form and performance were considered and universal accessibility was expected. (2 weeks)

3 – Natatorium X Columbia University: The brief called for the design of a swimming pool building for the university. Water, community and university users were intricately linked. The site was at the intersection of 125 Street and Amsterdam Avenue, a corner that hinges between public housing and university usage. (10 weeks)

The studio’s desire was to expand the common language of architectural thought, understand its research and propositional modes and convey a clear sense of material properties through various modes of representation. Through drawing a shared architectural language emerges, allowing us to formulate individual expressions of shape and thought. The aim was to transform ideas into elements present in the physical world, to explore our findings, to resist preconceived notions and to structure relationships of space, content and form.