Infrastructure, Resilience + Public Space

Architecture + Urban Design

Spring 2013

Morana M. Stipisic + S. Bry Sarté, instructors

Why focus on cities? And why at this moment in time? What is changing at the intersection of infrastructure and public space? What are the opportunities to redefine and improve urban livability informed by integrated infrastructure? How can our evolving cities better work with energy, water and ecological systems and what are the metrics to track their success? How can we lower carbon levels while stimulating densification? How can cities utilize eco-efficiency? Why is traditional sector-specific planning process not suitable for twenty-first century urban development?

These and similar questions were analyzed within this seminar. We looked into the complexity and intertwined nature of infrastructural systems, political structures and public space, and elaborated on their causal relationship. Urban resilience was also a recurring theme.

This seminar was intended to strengthen participants’ ability to simultaneously view the ‘big picture’ while finding appropriate contributions at the ‘fine grain.’ Exploration of urban design approaches, methods and tools were structured to deepen participants’ understanding of the interconnected workings of resilient urban systems. The aim of the seminar was to enable participants to gain critical skills for designing and proposing healthy urban transformation at this critical moment in time.