Integrated Parametric Delivery

Visual Studies

Fall 2012 + Spring 2013

Mark Green + John Lee, instructors

Emerging technologies in design have a time and a place to be implemented. Too often the tool controls the design. When utilized effectively, advanced parametric design methodologies facilitate numerous iterations, enabling a more resolved final product in a time restricted setting. Designers often favor one design tool over another. This workshop insisted on interoperability between various platforms, magnifying the strengths of each tool. We investigated the process of integrating multiple parametric tools simultaneously into a single architectural project.

Revit was presented as the primary tool for hosting geometry. However, most form generation and parametric control was driven by Rhino and Grasshopper. We also implemented T-splines into the process, granted for an extended trial period specifically for this class. Both Revit and Rhino were presented and utilized simultaneously to integrate multiple design platforms into the process parametrically.

Chunchun Yang, Youyi Wang + Zheng Zhong A
Qing Xiang Liang + Lei Guo B/C
Xiaokang He, Xiaoyun Mao + Ruixue Jia D