Intelligent Incrementalism: Re-envisioning the Legacy of the London Olympic Park

Advanced Architecture Studio 5

Fall 2012

Lise Anne Couture, critic, with Liam Lowry + Robert Eleazor

In this studio the “incremental” was used as both a formal and procedural device enabling the studio to dynamically translate, negotiate and develop concepts from the urban through to the architectural scale. The studio intervened in the existing post-games condition of the London Olympic Park and radically re-imagined a new Olympic Park “Legacy.” We proposed a critical re-interpretation of both the history of the former derelict site and the long terms goals of the current Park through highly speculative and radical new proposals. The venues that were intended as temporary were removed or relocated. However, the studio accepted as givens the permanent or remnant facilities (stadium, aquatic center, velodrome, etc.) as well as the new permanent infrastructure and landscape as either both points of resistance and points of departure. The students’ proposals deployed the site elements much like set pieces on a game board that are to be negotiated and integrated into a larger site strategy or strategies. The projects proposed new programs and new relationships with the remaining iconic Olympic venues, landscape, infrastructure and waterways while reconnecting and re-contextualizing the territory of the Olympic Park in provocative new ways. The studio aimed to take risks and propose radical visions for the park that would be compelling, contentious and controversial.

Gian Colangelo A/B/C
Yifu Sun D/E